Monday, July 27, 2009

a sarah palin haiku

I see you up there on my tv screen
mistakenly made a martyr of misunderstood and marginalized women.
It's so hard, girl,
to form sentences.

I really despise this woman. I cannot for the LIFE of me understand how people think she is an intelligent leader. I understand that if my day-to-day life was edited I could look like a person that can't form thoughts and express them coherently. We all have our moments. How her moments can last through an hour interview straight, and now for months and months... how is she not a national joke? How is she not hiding in some Alaskan fortress of solitude hanging her head in shame? Ok, she doesn't have to do that but for god's sake woman stop talking out loud to people. I don't understand how her republican approval rating is so high.

I am not a republican basher. I respect philosophical, theoretical and economic differences. (I have little tolerance for social policy that does not promote equality, however, and therefore usually align with democrats. Plus their comedy central shows are more fun.) I am actually feeling sorry for the republican party after everyone is now acknowledging the W disaster. And then the Palin disaster, which incomprehensibly not everyone is acknowledging. Do people willfully ignore the fact that those jumble of words don't add up to anything? Yes, she is a woman but that doesn't mean we all pretend she's great. There are so many smart, knowledgeable accomplished women in politics, there's just no need to defend this mess.

And now we're too believe it's for some greater good she's quitting in her first term. I am nonplussed. I would put some quotes on here but I don't even feel the need to explain if anyone has watched her for five minutes. Poor republicans, all the potential leaders are an outrageous joke (limbaugh), swarmy (romney), fearmongering (cheney) or earnestly stupid (see above). I can think of one I really respect. I agree with basically nothing he says, but at least he can make a good argument, doesn't play on fears, and I trust he thinks it through. That's why I'm calling it now: 2012 - Obama vs. Huckabee.

I am curious if any politically savvy reader can comment about the appropriateness of the two-party system. It intuitively seems reductionist but I don't know enough to really make that argument. (Though I could babble a magnetic poetry response for 10 minutes like Sarah.) Does it really work still? What do you envision in 100 years? What happens if you're fiscally conservative but socially liberal? Educate me, people!

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