Tuesday, July 28, 2009

comic relief

Gabe and I are knee deep in empty boxes, newspapers, half-packed boxes, a bunch of crap we need to get rid of still - it's hot and humid - we still have a massive to-do list - there's a frustrating recent unnamed issue - I had a lovely but emotional day at work - and we have 3 days til move.

What's a girl to do but laugh at Chris Eliot impersonating William Shatner singing Elton John? I saw this a long time ago and laugh everytime Rocket Man comes on the radio. If you, like me, need a break, follow along:

For those of you who know Elton John's Rocket Man skip to next step. If you don't know it, or need a refresher, click here first.

Now here is William Shatner's version. I still can't figure out if Shatner's musical forays are sincere or consciously ironic, but in either case they are absolutely hilarious. Don't be tempted to quit the video early. It gets to a new level of ridiculous after the third minute.

If that is not enough funny for you, let's add a layer. Click here for Chris Eliot's dig or tribute to William Shatner.


  1. Shatner singing Rocket Man is a riot...ever see Nimoy singing about Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings:


  2. I was honestly talking about this guy (Chris)yesterday and couldn't remember his name. Thanks for reminding me!!!



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