Friday, July 3, 2009

nighttime fashion police

I would say I have an above-average sense of style. If I knew how to sew I think I could survive at least a few weeks on Project Runway. I could shop for the What Not to Wear contestant. Due to lack of motivation, funds, and will to iron anything, my style does not nearly reach 1/8th of its potential. Cat hair around the house doesn't help either.

Here is the evolution of yesterday's outfit. I wore something decent to work, came home and put on comfy pants and a yellow t-shirt. Then it got cold. Yes it's July, but I don't know if we hit 60 yesterday and it was rainy (it's been so rainy all my clothes are slightly damp despite being inside). So I threw on a purple hooded sweatshirt. I went food shopping. I came home and was even more cold. I call the pants I was wearing my 'expressive therapy' pants. They are cotton, wide-legged and end about 5 inches below the knee. The rest of my legs were freezing so I added knee high socks. Just as I was settling in I realized I forgot a particularly necessary ladysomething from the store. I had to go back out reluctantly at 10:00. My sandals were right there. Ridiculous! my internal fashionista declared. But I argued with her logically, saying sneakers or shoes would look just as bad. But it looked SO funny I just had to take a picture.

You can rest assured that when I did get to the store I took the socks off, so as not to offend Rite-Aid shoppers' delicate fashion sensibilities.

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