Thursday, July 2, 2009

a new adventure for a night owl

It's just before midnight and I am basking in the sunny knowledge that I have no work tomorrow. I am curled up with the cats, watching the Colbert Report, and eating a Klondike cookies and cream bar. I am thinking of all the things I could do next. And there are suddenly a lot of urgent options - because we are moving to North Carolina in a month!!!

Gabe accepted a job offer yesterday, and we're off to Chapel Hill August 1st. Have we ever been to the area? No. Would I have been able to identify it on a map before all this - probably not. But see any random previous post to see evidence of my restlessness and wanderlust. This is the perfect antidote! I LOVE that we are moving right when we are marrying, so we can begin our married life in a new place. I LOVE that we are moving someplace warmer. I REALLY love that we are moving someplace warmer. It it supposed to be a diverse, liberal, and educated community. A beautiful place, so says everyone I've talked to who has been there. It's on top of lists of best places to relocate, best place to raise a family, best economy, best place to have it all, etc. And to top it all off, Alton Brown tells me Chapel Hill bbq falls into the vinegar-based vs. tomato-based bbq sauce -yes!

I gave my notice at work today, and it is bittersweet. I am sad because truly I work with the nicest, most caring, wonderful talented people. We just moved into a new space, just built a hospice house, and I had a mind and heart full of new ideas. But there also is some relief in leaving...I am just so excited for a change. I am also happy that they have decided to hire a new expressive/music therapist - my boss said I've taught her the value of this, and it's part of their hospice now.

Gabe and I have decided to use this physical change of location as an opportunity for some other changes. Eating better - oh my goodness!! there are some great farmer's market's down there!!! And I can have an herb garden!! I might even have a yard!! Can you tell I'm excited?!!! So I will cook healthier meals (this Klondike bar is an anomaly, I swear). We want to get in a better financial place so maybe one day we can buy a house. (Our rent will be about half of what we currently pay in Boston - crazy.) We've also resolved to do more outdoor activities together, and take weekend trips. The mountains will be to our west, and ocean to the east. We may get kayaks at some point. And the most important change for me... writing! It's what I love, and what I'm good at (sssshhhhh, just go along with me here) and something I just always saw myself doing. Alas, I suffer from bouts of massive undiscipline. So my new plan is perhaps to work 4 days a week and write for the 5th. I don't care if I sit in a chair and stare at a screen. I'll have my writing time. This is Gabe's idea actually - he said he would love to support me in my writing. He's the best future husband a girl could ask for, it's true :)

I am currently job searching, but wondering about a self-employment option... perhaps consulting for hospices, hospitals, assisted livings and such. I also am holding out for a brilliant Internet business idea to pop into my head.

If you have any thoughts on Chapel Hill leave a comment! We'll be down there the third week of July to look for an apartment - I hope we like it down there :) I'm VERY excited. Especially since in Boston it was July 2 and I had my car heater on.


  1. i know nothing about NC, really -- i spent some time there, as i had in-laws who lived there, but now my in-laws are in VA and SC.

    i do know that NC was (is?) an up and coming relocation destination, and that all of my family wishes they lived there. :)

    congrats, and good luck!

  2. chapel hill is AWESOME. i know you'll love it!!! :)

    i'm actually jealous. there i said it.

  3. Hey Alysa, this is Reagan. I have a friend who lived in Chapel Hill for two years and LOVED it. I can put you in touch--she knows the area so well and can steer you in all the directions you need. I'll send you her email through facebook.

    Love your blog by the way. It's one of my favorites. Wonderful writing.

  4. Congrats on your move! It's certainly much warmer than Boston!! A move, a wedding, a job search all great Blog material!!



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