Monday, June 1, 2009


That's my Myers-Briggs. Seventy something questions and voila, there's my whole personality. I'm sure it identified these personality types are sometimes skeptical.

As I took the questions I thought I was contradicting myself. (Really, does someone have to be either emotional OR logical?? What about those people whose daily life is a battle between those two strong forces? By those people I am referring to me.) I also threw in some self-condemnation for not knowing myself as well as I thought, and look (!) a 'sense of failed competence' came up as a trait! My disdain for neat boxes aside, it actually was magically accurate, telling me all about my natural introversion (can work the crowd but it takes oodles of energy).... proclivity for language and story...other-worldliness balanced somewhat with people on intuition...scholarly...sense of adventure... a 'healer'... and this was something very true I hadn't articulated to myself before - "patient with complicated situations, but impatient with routine details."

Here's the INFP profiles:

And here's the test if you'd like to take it (comment and share results!):


  1. I'm an INFP
    Feeling - 67%
    Intuitive - 12%
    Feeling - 38%
    Perceiving - 33%

  2. ENTJ

    But I'm barely E -- I usually get INTJ, but I'm getting older and more relaxed.

  3. gabe -that description completely fits you! (did you read the 'architect' profile? i think i drift into that category now and again, except if i had to make a building it would fall down.



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