Monday, June 1, 2009

home sweet solid ground

I am not the 'earthiest' person around. Definitely not practical, a bit absent-minded, clumsy, I have no routine about anything, try as I might, and I always want to travel somewhere new. I love being in water, and I love to fly. So I had no trepidation on my fortuitously non-stop flight from San Francisco to Boston. A whole 6 hours where I couldn't be productive if I tried.. alone with my daydreams and music and books. For some reason I started out restless, not finding anything on the radio or tv, I couldn't focus on my book, and I couldn't sleep despite only getting a few hours the night before. I was in the window seat and I felt bad for making the couple move so I could pee three times. Towards Boston we hit a bit of turbulence which doesn't usually affect me emotionally or physically. But my tummy threw up an alarm signal. Deep breaths. Focus on one thing. But my mind was racing, I started dripping sweat and shaking. Lightning hit right outside my window, and we hit some more turbulence. Then my tummy just threw up. Those barf bags do come in handy!

It was SO.NICE. to be on solid ground. I just wanted to lay on the concrete outside the terminal. (Ugh, I've been in the city too long to think of solid ground as concrete.) I took a cab despite the expense, because there was no way I could manage the hour-long subway and bus ride home with all its stops and starts. Boston was recovering from the storm and the sun was just peeking out in the late afternoon. On the highway out of the city I looked back and saw a sky-wide rainbow, with Bunker Hill in the middle. I wish I could have gotten to my camera!

I purposely didn't nap yesterday and Gabe and I went to bed before 10. I thought I'd pass out but I got restless and tired-but-not-sleepy, and went off to work this morning with two and a half hours of sleep. I left a bit early today to nap and get my body back to normal. It is 70 and sunny and I just might throw a towel out on our mini-yard and say a thank you to the solid ground.

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