Wednesday, March 25, 2009

today was...better?

Well, I got to work on time, mostly due to an important 8:30 meeting. There was an issue this past weekend that lingered, and drove me nearly to tears in frustration and other assorted emotions. I made it til 3 p.m., with only two outbursts. It probably isn't a good idea to rant out loud near numerous supervisors that I'm not able to be successful in my job, and I'm burnt out and I want to move to California tomorrow. I had a pretty bad headache when I got home.

I then found out almost immediately one of the cats peed and pooped on a small pile of clothes in the bathroom (wtf!) so cleaned that up. I threw everything in the wash, and then couldn't find my work phone, which I realized I had put on top of the clothes on my way downstairs. Oh no! So I ran downstairs and took out all the wet, soapy, peed on clothes and searched in the water for my phone. I later found it in the living room. Sigh.

I needed major attitude adjustment at this point, so went right out to the gym despite headache, which helped. And then I went food shopping to settle down, and imagined I was in some sunny farmer's market. For dinner I made turkey burgers with sage, apples and onion cooked in it, with brie on top, on sourdough. Gabe came home with some shockingly ultra-shitty news but he also brought home Hot Tamales, which he always does when I'm having a really hard time.

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. Despite all this, it was the best day so far this week :) And I gotta say, one of the perks of working with dying people is that you get to put all the nuisances, no matter how painfully trying, into perspective. Or at least I'm trying.

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