Thursday, February 12, 2009

i'm totally vindicated on the barbie thing...

What weird timing. So I wrote Tuesday about my issues with Barbie, and then on NPR today Tom Ashbrook had a show about the lady who invented Barbie. She based it on a German sex toy. Thereby proving my theory that this is totally inappropriate for children :)

Speaking of hypersexualization of the body for children..... one of my co-workers was telling me how her nephew, 3, is fascinated by her boobs. This is because (1) they're very big and (2) his mother refuses to name any of the 'private parts' on a man or a woman. They apparently just don't exist. So of course this boy is confused and trying all the time to figure out what these two lumps are all about, embarrassing the mom. Finally my co-worker auntie breaks it down and explains they are breasts, and a private part on a lady. Oh, ok - hasn't mentioned it since.

I have no big social commentary here, it just all seems a bit odd.

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