Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the winter blues

the bad thing about my job is that there are no snow days. we take care of dying patients at home so we just need to be there. i was witness to the ONE time ever in the history of my company when there was an 'early release' at 3 p.m. it was during a blizzard and it took me 4 1/2 hours to get home. so tonight i think the snow begins at midnight and i have an 8:30 meeting 27 miles north of here. yuck. at least it's not as bad as previously forecast - i think now it's just 6 inches. it's the freezing rain and icing over later that's the bad part. oh, boston winters, i hate you but just keep coming back for more.

the other bad thing about my job is the 1 1/2 hour meeting today about how we're in the red for three months in a row and there are potential layoffs. my emotional reaction is a twisted sense of excitement (oh, the possibilities!) but then the pragmatic side kicked in. i personally am not too worried (my services are totally extraneous, but then again i think it's a good marketing/pr piece), but it's never inspiring to work in an atmosphere full of stress and worry. i don't think we're in a unique spot considering all the layoff news coming out... and the MA unemployment rate is 7.2% right now i think.

so i'm left in a bit of a funk today, and have an increasingly present headache. i was SO looking forward to yoga tonight and now my lazy self wants to get a bath and curl up and watch american idol. we'll see which self-care strategy wins out :)

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