Saturday, January 24, 2009

wedding "planning"

I found it daunting that the news of my engagement led many to ask a series of questions I had no answer for - 'when is the date?', 'where will it be'?, etc. Over the past week Gabe and I have attempted to have a clearer vision of what we want. I know I want something simple, stress-free, fun, with great food, and maybe a bit whimsical. All Gabe knows is a pig roast would be cool. Since we're almost always below freezing in Boston this time of year our wedding discussion usually lasts about 30 seconds and then we drift off into daydreaming about our warm honeymoon spot (TBD). If we're hungry we talk about the food we'd like. That's really all.

I'm all about not making this into a huge production, so I've purposely not been wedding planning crazy. But after a week I realize that by not making any plans it's starting to cause a bit of background stress. We really have NO idea what to do, where it will be, how many people, or anything. And we keep getting requests to not have our wedding on certain days because our friends have friends that are much better at planning and already have spaces reserved :) So I broke down today and bought three bridal magazines and hopefully will get some ideas. The other reality we're not quite willing to look at yet is cost. I read something that said the minimum for weddings is 10,000 and most are twice that. Hmmm... seeing as how our total savings are ~5% of the minimum required we may have a problem here! But I'm going to be optimistic and creative, and not give into the ridiculous marketing hype, and I know it will be a special day!

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  1. Do what you want, when you want to, it will be your special day. Enjoy every part of the process and know that we love you very much.
    The ring is beautiful! I am so glad you decided to have this blog, now I feel more part of your life. Let me know what I can do to help!



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