Wednesday, January 28, 2009

randy travis is a prophet

so today was not good for driving. this morning was not as bad as i expected, but after i got to work it started really coming down. when i went out for my first appointment around 1 i nearly couldn't make it up two hills and was sliding all around. yuck. so when that appt. ended a bit after 3 i decided to just head home. it had turned to sleet-rain, and the only bad thing on the highway was some giant puddles that slowed traffic.

so i am cruising along at top speed 45 on the highway along with others and a randy travis song came on about a bus getting hit by an 18 wheeler. not exactly what i wanted to think about, but i became curious about which one of the four passengers would survive - the farmer or the teacher, the hooker or the preacher. as i am listening, i see the car just in front of me one lane to my right lose control in a deep puddle. veer right. back end comes completely in the air as it totally does a 180 - headlights facing us. it goes WAY up in the air and lands on the snowbank on the right side of the highway. thankfully it didn't land back in the lanes. but the hubcaps flew off, one of them right towards the front of my car. i think i missed it by three inches or so. whoa!

i'm okay, and sorry to worry my family. as for randy travis, he surprised me - i thought for sure the hooker survived.

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  1. wait, i don't mean hubcaps... i mean the tire rims...



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