Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17

Today is a big day for some people I know. It's my sister Kim's birthday - yay! She's 29 today, which puts both of us on either side of 30. It's also my cousin Amy's wedding day - yay! You don't see simple winter weddings much and I hope she has a glorious day. Can't wait to see pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I would really like to get a great digital camera with all the money I don't have right now. I've been wandering through blogs and I've seen a couple people take pictures of the little things around them and post them as a way to practice gratitude. What a beautiful idea. I also want to post a picture of how I found my cats when I woke up this morning. They were curled up, facing each other, with Ookie at eye level and Daphne at my belly. Precious.

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