Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i guess that was a bigger day than i realized...

Last Saturday I said that January 17 was a special day for two people in my family. Little did I know how special that day would become to me - Gabriel proposed! Proposed is a funny word to use here, since it was a bit awkward and confusing in the most endearing way. And I was eating oatmeal and watching Iron Chef and pouting- in my pajamas from the night before. Not exactly the scene I had imagined. To my everlasting horror I interrupted Gabe's beautiful proposal to say " (sigh) you know, that's the kind of stuff you tell people when you want to marry them". There is a backstory to that comment, and please know I am not usually such a monumental asshole.

It appears that this whole day was spur of the moment, and my favorite part is that after he proposed and I said 'of course', he looked around and said "Oh, our house is such a mess. I really wanted to clean the house and play some Air Supply or something." But it was perfect just the way it was, in all its imperfection. And I've lamented that I'm not very good at celebrating - taking the time to acknowledge happiness, but I'm proud to say Gabe was prepared with flowers and champagne, and we spent two days doing nothing but celebrating the very beginnings of this next chapter in our lives together.


  1. Congrats on the engagement! Gabe is a real hottie and it was so nice of him to propose just as you started blogging.

  2. Thanks! The timing is funny... I told him I was starting a blog and his response was 'uh-oh' - perhaps he proposed to avoid any public mention of my wondering when it would happen!



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