Saturday, March 9, 2013

bath time

First, a confession. Lila does not get nearly as many baths as Annabel had at this age. Part of it is being the second child (sorry sweetie), and part of it is that Lila is just not a fan. She's always becomes a slippery fusspot. The other night Annabel asked for Lila to come in the bath with her, and we thought a quick, screaming dunk in the tub would clean the spit-up away (Lila is still a profilic spit-upper). We plopped her in and Annabel was thrilled - she went right over next to her and held her hand and talked to her the whole time. Lila didn't make a peep, even when Annabel danced with her and washed her face.

Here's a couple little videos:

Overall, the novelty of having a baby sister hasn't worn off. Yesterday Annabel came downstairs and saw Lila in the bouncer and exclaimed, "That's my baby sister!". If she cries, she gets her a pacifier. She gets her toys, and now that Lila is reaching for things, Annabel loves putting things in her hands to play with. Whenever Lila grasps objects, Annabel says "I taught her that!". Annabel also tried to feed her some chicken the other day. I got it out of her mouth in time, but we found some chunks later in her onesie. Oops. 

I love watching them grow up together :) 

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