Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year I felt like a real adult. I've been waiting for this day for 35 years. This was the first year I didn't head off to my parents' houses for the holiday. On Christmas Eve, Gabe and I decorated the house and wrapped presents and talked about the traditions we want to establish. We told Annabel about Santa Claus, not as enthusiastically as we probably should have - the lie felt awkward on our tongues. 

As we wondered how Annabel would like opening presents, I realized it was totally up to us how our girls will remember their Christmases. Though we're always constructing their childhoods minute to minute, the weight of that responsibility really hit me then. 

I also realized that I've somehow convinced myself they will always be like this: a silly, sweet two year old and a bright-eyed newborn.

We created as magical a setting as possible Christmas morning, and as Annabel climbed down the stairs we asked her 'Do you think Santa came?!' "Are there presents?!'

Here's her reaction:

Later that day Mom and Dave came over and cooked a wonderful meal (thanks mom!) and we opened more presents. Annabel got an awesome wooden kitchen set that she loves:

Kim, Dean and Niko came over and here is an attempt at getting a picture of Grandmom and all her grandkids:

We posed Lila with her new kitty cat:

And Annabel got into some super fancy jammies:

Next year will be even more awesome, as I expect to have some energy and time to cook and bake. Annabel will also be big enough to understand a bit more what's going on and our little Lila will be walking around by then.

Merry Christmas!

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