Friday, December 7, 2012

The girls' first Christmas parade

Last weekend Lila started getting sick, followed closely by her mama. On Sunday I hadn't left the house in a couple days and was getting stir crazy. Though I wasn't convinced going out was the best idea in our state, it was sunny and 70 degrees outside and a mama's sanity is sometimes the best thing you can provide for a family.

Pittsboro had their annual Christmas parade that day, so we decided to get in the holiday spirit despite the weather. On the way there I tried explaining to Annabel what a parade was. A parade is a surprisingly difficult concept to convey. 'Floats - decorated things and people on wheels - go by in a line and sometimes they throw candy at you.' I'm equally stumped in explaining Santa Claus and Christmas. Does this all come naturally to other parents?

The parade people did indeed throw some candy at us, which we declined, but Annabel got her hands on some chocolate. She hasn't ever really been a fan, but something about this Nestle Crunch bar has converted her to a chocolate fiend.

Lila slept through the parade, even the fire trucks: 

Parade pics:

 I think this was my favorite 'float':

Daddy and his big girl:

Lila and I got progressively sicker, and she's been to the doctor three times this week. She has coronavirus and RSV and the poor thing is a mess of congestion. She is handling it really well all things considered. We just have to watch her closely and make sure she stays hydrated, doesn't lose weight, and doesn't run a fever. We also have to make sure her breathing doesn't get too labored. It's been a week now, so hopefully this thing will run its course very soon. Gabe is now getting sick and Annabel has had a low-grade fever the past couple days - either she is getting it or she's just been the carrier. It feels like the house of plague here at the moment. Times like these are always a good reminder of how wonderful it is to be healthy.

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