Monday, December 17, 2012

being a big sister

We were so excited to watch Annabel become a big sister, and also nervous. We'd heard so many stories of older siblings wanting to send the baby back to the hospital or getting upset with the parents or even trying to hurt the baby. 

It's been a few weeks now and Annabel is the best big sister I could imagine. As soon as she wakes up she wants to see Baby Sister. All day there is a running commentary about her actions: Baby Sister drinking mommy milk, Baby Sister making noises, Baby Sister has a head, Baby Sister has knees and toes... She always wants to hold her or give her blankets and toys. I haven't seen one display of jealousy or possessiveness; this baby seems to have brought out her ability to share generously. Annabel is also really helpful. When I change Lila's diaper, Annabel takes the dirty diaper and puts it in the trashcan and puts any dirty cloth diapers or clothes in the washer or laundry basket. Awesome!

The only time she seems a bit put out by the new arrival is when I'm holding Lila and she wants me to pick her up. Gabe is able to pick both of them up at the same time, which Annabel loves: she shouts "two babies!". I have been missing my firstborn, though. Nights are generally rough and too-sleepless, so Gabe has been helping by getting Annabel ready for daycare and taking her there. If that happens, I don't see her until she's home from there. I also don't always get the chance to put her to bed if I'm feeding Lila. This all means that Annabel often gets barraged with hugs and kisses when I'm around her, even more than usual. I have been feeling guilty about all this and just sad, but Annabel seems okay and I remind myself that this newborn phase will pass (too) quickly, and we'll all be in more of a routine soon. 

Annabel being a big sister:

I need to get more videos but usually I am supervising to prevent the overly enthusiastic gestures that can accompany 'Baby Sister has eyeballs!'. 

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  1. 1. Those are awesome windows in that room.
    2. We call the big sister the "diaper fairy" when it comes to that job. Evie had to do it for Lilia, and now Lilia has to do it for Harper. It starts out amazing as the kids are happy to be helpful and have a part in raising their little sister, but after about a week of it, they're over it.



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