Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sitting like a big girl

Annabel has decided she no longer needs her hands to prop herself up while sitting:

She also decided last week that she should start STANDING. She has pulled herself to standing three times now, to my horror. She is such a little munchkin doing such big girl things. I feel so proud of her, but part of me just wants her to slow down so I can enjoy her fleeting babyness.


  1. Visiting from the Alexa Hop (kelly's lucky) I would love if you could visit me too!

    Our Growing Garden

  2. Awe they grow so fast! I just had mine a month ago and already I see all the changes. I want to keep her small and in my pocket forever ;) Visiting from the Alexa Hop~ new follower :)

  3. They grow so fast! I have 4 and my youngest turned 5 months today - times just flies.
    Visiting from the Alexa hop! I'm a new follower & would love if you could visit/follow me too! Thanks! Have a great day!

    Musings From a SAHM

  4. I'll visit! Not sure what the Alexa Hop is but I'll look it up.



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