Friday, February 18, 2011

whozzit whatzit

I don't have enough pictures to do a proper blog post, but I have to record a couple things because we have yet another new daughter this week. How do they change so quickly??

This past week Annabel started trying to roll over. She went from her back and rolled her chest to the floor but most of her legs were still facing up. She seems to realize she has more control over her body and is constantly moving now. When I nurse her she punches my face and rakes her nails across my chest - not so pleasant. Anytime her legs come into contact with anything she pushes off like a swimmer pushing off the wall. She loves to 'stand' when we hold her. 

The past few days I've been blowing bubbles at her because it cracks her up. All today she's been doing it back - could it be I taught her something? So cool!

Her cries have changed overnight. She went from a baby cry to this cry full of consonants. It is so adorable I laugh everytime which she probably doesn't appreciate. It sounds something like this: 

bing bging ning ning... eh eh ning. ba ba ganing ganing. (pouty lip)

I had a funny moment with her about 5 minutes ago. I picked her up to nurse her and I saw she had scratched her face (despite me filing her nails 3 times today). Oh no, I said, your face! And as I absentmindedly lifted up my shirt at the same time I punched my mouth and bruised my lip. Geez.

I realized recently that I've been using my breast pump for somewhere around 80 days. In the beginning I was pumping 8-10 times a day because she was having issues and I also needed to get my supply up - and eventually got down to 5-6 times a day or so. On Monday while I was drifting off to sleep I started counting how many times I've used that stupid pump. Holy shit. And I realized she's now gaining weight like a champ, and it seemed she was nursing better in general. I thought that perhaps it was just my own anxiety about not having enough for her rather than her not feeding well that was keeping me attached to the stupid thing. So I didn't pump for a couple days except maybe once or twice. She was eating frequently and not too long, and would take really short naps of about 20 minutes. I went back to giving her bottles a couple times yesterday and lo and behold, 100 minute naps. Grrr. And today she fussed and fussed and wouldn't nurse so I pumped a bottle which she drank and promptly fell asleep. So frustrating!  There are also times she fusses and refuses a bottle but will happily nurse. I said I would breastfeed for 6 months at the very least and I'm sticking to that, but man oh man sometimes I feel my whole life revolves around my boobs. 

Gabe randomly set up the camera to take a video of Annabel today.  Folks, we caught on camera a 15-second toot fart (Gabe hates when I say toot). She takes after her great-grandfather apparently. 

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