Friday, February 25, 2011


Annabel has been rolling back to front this past week, but usually it's a grunting, heaving one minute process. But today I put her down to take a picture of her cute outfit:

And then I went three feet away, turned around and did something for about 15 seconds. I turned back around and this is what I saw:
I heard no grunt or roll. She just flipped over easy peasy. I wasn't expecting this milestone so quickly - someone please tell her she does't need to grow up so fast. 

This also makes me realize she is entering the stage of mobility. Which has made me look at this house as full of hazards and claws. Gabe is our official safety inspector and babyproofer. I think he got this job by default, since I burn myself in the kitchen every day and manage to bump or bruise something at least once a week just walking around. 

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