Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What gall I have!

Or don't have, after tomorrow. I had another bout of gallstone attack last night, with a grand total of 4 attacks in December. That means in the last month I had 46 hours of labor along with 28 hours of the most excrutiating pain I can possibly imagine. NO FUN. Thankfully I have surgery tomorrow and I can't wait to get this gall bladder out of me. I had been researching options, and worried about side effects but now I don't care - just get.this.out.now!

Last night I felt the stab under the ribcage at 8 p.m. and decided on a different strategy, now that I finally know what these pains are. I immediately got Annabel situated with Gabe, and had a bubble bath with candles. I visualized my gall bladder relaxed and my back relaxed and focused on a peaceful image. I also noticed this time that I could see and feel the spasms in my abdomen - weird. I managed better than before, but by midnight it was unbearable again. I gave in and took an oxycodone pill that I was prescribed at the ER after my last attack. I took it, settled back into bed and waited for some woozy, pain-free state to envelop me. But no, it didn't help one bit!!  Isn't that the drug bad teenagers covet? It can't be that good! I think I should have taken nyquil instead because that puts me into a near coma usually. 

I counted minutes until 3 a.m. amidst an inconsolable baby girl and racking pain in my body. Because 3 a.m. meant it would be 7 hours and that is how long it always lasted. I held back tears at 3:15, utterly convinced this time it would just never ever end. But it did, at 3:30 a.m.

Anyway, sorry to post about pain. Hopefully this mess will be over with soon. Surgery is tomorrow at 2:15 - think good thoughts!  I'm being really optimistic about a speedy recover and hoping to head to NJ for the holidays. 

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