Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a little baby...

GIRL!!!!!   My dad and stepmom were there with us at the ultrasound and rooting so strongly for a girl they worried their blue underwear may jinx it. Everyone felt girl vibes. It just seemed so many people thought it would be a girl, that it just had to be a boy. But GIRL!!!  I can hardly believe it. 

The ultrasound was amazing. We saw her kick, make a fist, wave, open her tiny mouth and scrunch up. At first her face looked like Skeletor and it was honestly quite creepy. Her profile was adorable, though, and she looked like a little person there. The best part is that everything measured and looked great - the doctor had no concerns at all. 

It all has yet to sink in fully. My husband looked in shock at first and I could see him processing in his head all future teenage worries. I think the first real sense of responsibility and protectiveness is setting in. He made some comments about keeping her off the pole :) But after a few hours he started dancing around saying 'oh my god, we're having a daughter!'  

I'm so thrilled. I'm so excited to see what she'll look like and who she'll be. I can't wait to see my husband holding his little girl. I can't wait to buy cute dresses. I can't wait to make a playlist and play it for her in the womb. I can't wait to name her. 

This is pretty much the most awesome day ever :)  Now we hurry up and wait 5 months to say hello...

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