Friday, June 11, 2010

a dream

 I got a visit from my spanish-speaking hippie midwife last night. Here was my dream:

My aunt's house was on fire and this happens all the time. Thankfully it burned out quickly. I go to the bathroom mirror and lose my front tooth. A state of panic ensues, and when I leave the bathroom I am now in a hotel in a Spanish-speaking country. It's a family reunion with a bunch of people I don't know and I hail a taxi with someone. I tell them I need to go to the hospital right away. It is taking a long time and in my broken spanish I ask how much longer. She tells me she can only get reimbursed at certain hospitals, and is driving to one half an hour away because there is free internet outside and she can start up her internet business. I'm horrified - I need to get there now! I ask where the closest one is anyone and she says, oh right over there. I hop out of the cab without paying and my faceless family member joins me. I ask in spanish: donde esta el hospital? A group of touristy diners point me in a direction.

I run over there, now having lost my partner, and only see some shacks. One has a reptile menagerie outside - lizards, alligators, snakes, etc. Just as I think that I've happened upon a vet, a lady walks out. She looks hippie-ish and seems to already know me. I'm very comfortable around her and when I point to my tooth she nods like she's been expecting me. She brings me into a foyer that looks like where you would get your fortune told. She brings out black thread and stitches my tooth back where it belongs. But then she leads me to stand up and she lifts up my shirt. I realize she's my midwife and she's examining my pregnancy so far. I look down and see that I have two belly buttons! She explains that it's really just things being rearranged and it will go away soon. She says the baby is healthy. She pokes and prods in my abdomen and looks me in the eye: you will have a girl. (As soon as the aware part of me thinks - aha! a prophetic dream) she then says: well, you will have a girl soon. I ask her what she means but she doesn't say anything else.

In REAL news, my prenatal appt. went great and we heard the little one's strong heartbeat right away. I've also gained 2 pounds! I've been told my face looks bigger, my boobs are bigger, my butt has expanded, and I definitely have a belly so that 2 pounds must really get around somehow  :)  11 days til the ultrasound!  I'm nearly certain I've felt the baby wriggling around in there and I want to see it match up to the screen for confirmation.

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