Friday, April 9, 2010

the latest addition to our little family...

There is a prevailing myth in our house that my husband is the logical one and I am the spontaneous one. There are many examples of this, but I would submit that there are now more examples of the opposite.  For example, I know I have talked about doing a spreadsheet for our budget numerous times and he has not.once brought it up. Recently overheard in our house:

Me: Gabe, we really really need to go over our budget.
Gabe: Why? We already do.

While I try to think about jobs and where to live in a reasonable, logical way, Gabe will suddenly say 'wait, maybe I'll get my PhD.' And then he's looked up doctoral programs and we are suddenly imaginarily living in Germany or Saudi Arabia. I think at this point it is almost safe to crown me as the "Planner" of the family. Anyone that knows me is laughing out loud right now, but it's true!  A totally spontaneous planner with no risk aversion at all, but I do at least have the roughest of outlines for the future. (And I do at least know I should probably start thinking about doing taxes soon.)

So when my husband came home last week and said, oh by the way we are adopting a dog I saw at the shelter, I once again pointed out how his supposedly logical engineer brain was malfunctioning. I listed about eleven very good reasons this is the worst time ever to get a dog. And of course he didn't win me over by logic, but an endearing combination of his love for this puppy and my wanting him to be happy (he did after all reluctantly agree to my getting another cat, and a thousand other indulgences).  So when emotions overrun logic here is the cute result:

His name is Conan. He's a champion at sleeping throughout the night without a whimper. He has lots of energy in the day. He has caused me to say 'leave it' about 1,000 times a day. The cats are more curious than traumatized, and I'm relieved by that. I think with some puppy training he's going to grow into an awesome, fun, obedient dog. Oh, and a really big one!

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