Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Insomniac Dreams

Nearly a month ago, I had two straight weeks of really good sleep. It was wonderful. But I've fallen off the wagon. Spring fever, an angsty mind, projected worry over my husband's upcoming presentation, too many projects on my list.. that could be the reason, or perhaps the good sleep was the aberration. 

Three nights ago I had a bad cold and gave into some medicinal relief. I hate taking medication because, for example, Benadryl can make me near-comatose. I took Tylenol Cold Night, or some such thing and thought nothing was happening, and then I got really drowsy. I don't remember going from couch to bed. I vaguely remember telling Gabe "It is time to sleep, don't you see, stop talking at me".  I showed Gabe a wedding photograph from Facebook the next day, and he said he showed it to me last night. I had conversations I don't recall. BUT I slept 13 hours and woke up feeling great. 

The next night I didn't sleep til 4 a.m.  So I thought last night, for sure, I'm due for good sleep. I even took Valerian root at 9 p.m. but tossed and turned, got up at 3 a.m. to do some yoga, played with the cats, counted sheep. At some point I slept. And as a reward for finally getting to sleep I have this dream:

I walk into a room in an unknown house with an unknown man. A huge wave is  fast approaching the open window. I duck down in front of cabinets, open two and wrap my arms around the post for support. A massive, powerful tsunami wave comes in right over my head and lasts for minutes. Finally it passes and I've survived. I stand and walk to a doorway for support, but realize half the house is missing. I look out and see we are far above the earth, we've gotten pulled upward in an air current. Suddenly it's nighttime and it's NYC. There are so many buildings below us, the house is falling. There are other people in the house with me. We plummet past the Empire State Building - I think briefly about jumping out onto the roof, but it's too late to do that now, and I realize I'm falling to my death. It's a dream, so I think I can pull the house around me to make wings, but it's not possible. Once I realize the inevitable, my dream replays itself over and over, and I'm trying to make that leap to safety but I'm too scared. Over and over. 

Exhausting. Still not as bad as my dream last week where a zombie burned my house and I had zombie babies :)

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  1. As one insomniac to another...I feel your pain...yikes, awful dreams!!! Wishing you lots of daisy dreams and blissful sleep!



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