Thursday, March 11, 2010

In one of my most favorite secret (imaginary)

lives, I am a fashion designer. Because I just KNOW I'd be awesome at it. If I could sew. At all.  I have made pajama pants and curtains. It involved a lot of cursing and needles being poked through digits. Broken needles flying past my eye. Just looking at those flimsy patterns and their foreign language makes me want to cry in frustration. It's also a language I don't want to learn.

I want to shop for fabric (I'm good at that part), imagine what I want to create (I'm good at that part too), and then through magic skills just rend the fabric into my design (bad at that part).  I'll gladly sacrifice symmetry for improvisation.

It is officially spring here and I'm getting the urge to wear dresses. I am not old, really, but I know my years of dressing as funky and slinky as I wanna are becoming numbered. So I want to learn how to make dresses like these. With minimal education and no patterns. Yeah. Ok, maybe it doesn't have to be those dresses, but a simple slip dress? How hard can it be? Any advice?

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  1. Find a pattern that you like and I will teach you how to read them. Skype sewing lessons.



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