Thursday, February 4, 2010

blogging from a minimally functioning brain

Snow update: The snow from last Saturday caused school closings through Weds, and today and tomorrow are 2-hour delays. As far as I can tell the snow has melted, so I'm confused. There is freezing rain tonight, and snow to rain this Saturday so perhaps it's an early precaution? I've pretty much stopped trying to figure it out.

Mostly because I'm currently trying to figure out what is wrong with my brain. See previous blog posts for my generally ungrounded walk through life, and my near-misses with mental illness. But the past couple days have even surprised me. For instance, it is not normal, even for me, to eat cereal in the late morning, get up from my chair and dump out the milk in the BATHROOM sink. I didn't realize I had done it until I turned on the faucet and I felt it was the wrong faucet. Still reeling from that crazy lapse in normal behavior, I then poured myself some grapefruit juice and put the carton back in the pantry instead of the refrigerator. That night I spent a full 20 minutes trying to assemble a food processor. No, not the whole food processor. One pole-like thing, and one blade. I could tell they fit together, I knew it should be obvious, but I just couldn't do it. I sliced potatoes by hand, and then my husband came home and showed me in 2 seconds how to do it. And it was obvious. Today I followed behind my supervisor's car to a client's house. It was a ten minute straight shot down the road, and I'd been to the house several times before. Easy. Driving, driving, driving... oh, where am I? My boss's car had turned right and I had not followed. I was a couples miles down the road. And also today I was at someone's house and one person in the room rocked on an armchair the whole hour. I couldn't look or I got vertigo. I felt like I was going to lose it. Don't even ask me to explain, I don't know why either.

I am hoping this blog doesn't turn into the dissolution of my mind, but there you go. I also got into a fender bender yesterday, for the first time ever. I was sitting at a red light and someone bumped me, so it definitely wasn't my fault, but somehow it just fits into the whole thing. Two days of fog and unthinking, and nonsense, and a growing resignation that it's going to be one mishap after another. I can't figure it out. I (for once!) have had really good sleep all week, have no emotional issues at the moment... my work is fun though mentally demanding. (that mentally demanding?) Not sure at what point I should be really concerned, or if I'm past that point. Maybe when I start trying to unlock other people's cars and houses thinking they are mine? Or call my cats the wrong names? On the bright side, perhaps this is all a prelude to a Matrix-like sci-fi revelation :) I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Sounds as if your stars and/or planets are not aligned. I never believed in such a thing until I looked it up when going through a similar point in time. You'll be surprised.



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