Wednesday, September 16, 2009

there are malevolent spirits afoot

or at least that is how it feels lately. this evening i had just cut my nails, put toner on my face and plucked my eyebrows so felt like a new woman, finally putting behind me the accident a week and a half ago. as i started cooking dinner, i was enjoying the peace that comes with having a clean house. all was right with the world.

until i reached in a bottom drawer for a wooden spoon. all i knew was i was reeling from pain and i saw shards on the floor. after i got my bearings i realized that as i had bent down a plate fell from above my cabinets. these cabinets are much higher than me, right next to the ceiling. the drawer i was in and those cabinets are not connected in any way. how could this have happened? here is the malicious plate, and i feel this snowman is mocking me:

Plus, now I have to blog about the most ridiculous object I own in the kitchen. It was on sale, and I needed a serving tray and it was winter, okay? It is made out of thick, hard plastic. Do you realize how much momentum it must have had to shatter on my head?!

My head is fine, but I've got a massive bump developing right on the top of it. My eyesight is fine so no concussion. The very scary thing is the snowman plate sits on top of a massively heavy ceramic roaster and a griddle. Again, I should be thankful.

God help me if I get a Darwin Award when I die. Death by violent snowmen.


  1. wow! this post gave me a reason to look up the spelling for the word "tchotchke". that platter almost fits. also, i could envision it (formerly) hosting many a christmas/new years platter.

  2. If you would like I can calculate the momentum for you?

  3. in my defense, when the platter is full you cannot see the snowmen. yes, natalie i'm interested. because i swear if i took that plate and whacked it as hard as i could on anything, it wouldn't break.



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