Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ratio Baking Experiment #2

As I said, I had leftover egg whites and attempted angel food cake. Since I have no appropriate pan to cook that in I just folded it into the aforementioned heart molds I am slightly embarrassed to say I bought on impulse. Blame love. The cake poofed up, overflowed, and of course got stuck to the molds since there's no fat in the ingredients. I tried greasing it all, but to no avail. I took the following picture because I was sure it'd be destroyed when I cut it out:

I managed to get it out and flipped it over. And look at this - how cute!

So I served it like this, upside down, but really it was just for show. The cake was gross. I apparently didn't put enough flour so it tasted like a marshmallow with a crispy sugary outer layer. I also hate angel food cake anyway. But it was an experiment.

I did get some decent photographs of the beautiful texture of these cakes:

Usually I am disappointed at how this little point and shoot captures food. But big news! Gabe and I ordered the Canon Rebel T1i today - should be here on Wednesday. An absolute splurge, no doubt about it. But we know we'll get good use out of it...and with so many upcoming wonderful memories to capture, it was easy to rationalize.

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