Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DMV and root canals, happy days are here again

I'm not going to elaborate too much on the title, to spare you vicarious pain. But my root canal is scheduled for Monday. Last week I went to the DMV for a new license. I arrived a couple minutes past appointed time (I had to make this appt. 3 weeks in advance). I waited 25 more for someone to notice me standing there at the front desk. When they decided to saunter over they informed me I was too late for my appt. I politely explained the situation and was told 'you are not telling the truth'. Several times. Then I not so politely explained the situation, and waited another 15 minutes to see the old guy supervisor that ignored me in the first place. Later I was informed I couldn't get my license anyway because I need a social security card, which I can get in the 'building that looks like a penis'. I am not a customer service expert, but I don't think any of the aforementioned practices are acceptable.

In funner news I'm making progress on the wedding front. My mom and I went veil shopping in NJ on Saturday, and I got a fabulous accidentally custom made one. The lady wound around some tulle over my head, made a cut, and POOF - the funkiest veil creation was formed. It's definitely different, and that suits me much more than a traditional veil for sure. Gabe and I also stocked up on some bling - a new engagement ring for me and a wedding band for him. We are ordering the rest of the decorations and some other things tonight... and voila, somehow a wedding will happen in five weeks' time.

In other funner news I am having the burst of creativity that inevitably follows my existential crises. (Hey, it's only bipolar if it affects your ability to function in society, right?) Our new camera is amazing, and once my computer is all set up and connected to the internet again (yes, I break and everything around me lately) then I will post some new pictures. I also ventured into the paint department at Home Depot today and got some things for projects. Between camera, fabric, polyurethane and some finds at the thrift store, I will be keeping myself happily creative for a while.

I am trying to enjoy my leisure time for the next month, because after the wedding/honeymoon it's back to business. The question is what business. I've been brainstorming ideas, born out of my total unmotivation for a 9-5 job. Or worse, an 8-5 :( I'm also looking at some upcoming small business seminars and networking groups to attend. Trying on my entrepreneurial hat. It will most likely be too big, expensive, or detonate after a while, exploding to bits our meager finances. But nothing ventured...

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  1. Ah yes. Southern customer service. This will not be your last time dealing with it, sorry to say.



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