Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Move

Gabe and I loaded up all our possessions in a pick up truck, my car, and a 5x8 trailer. This was last Friday and it was a very hot and humid morning. We were really sticky and sweaty, and one of us must have wished the hot away because there were suddenly downpours around 10 a.m. A downpour that lasted until we left around 4 p.m. Gabe's parents thankfully were there to help us out and we left on our scheduled time, hoping to land in south jersey (the half-way stop-over) at 10. So much traffic, and I got there after midnight, and Gabe around 1:30. The poor cats lived in the basement for the night and were so confused and upset. I felt horrible leaving them down there, mostly because I saw this HUGE spider. I'm not afraid of spiders, not nearly. But this one was about 4-5 inches across, fuzzy, and I could see its eyes. It belonged in a zoo, not in a basement with my cats. It was too big to think about squishing it, and how do you get it back outside? I guiltily left the cats to figure it all out, and I think there were no altercations.

We got up around 7 the next morning and left at 9, promptly hit traffic. I didn't get down here til about 6, and thankfully our apt. complex left the key for us since their office was an hour past closed. We love our apartment! It's bright and carpeted, with a nice balcony and fireplace. It's the smallest place we've been in so far (this makes our fifth abode together in less than three years) but also the most modern and functional and closeted. The night we arrived the village green was playing the movie 'Up', and the next night there was a concert. We're not yet too freaked out by our Pleasantville environs - we're enjoying being near everything.

The first few days I intermittently felt sick, dehydrated, cranky, tired and overheated. I think I've mostly adjusted since today I took no nap (which turns me into a monster for an hour after). The heat is about as bad as it gets (90s and humid) and it's not so bad. Especially with central AC and a pool one minute away. I love the nights when the sun sets and it's in the 80s.

Gabe and I actually haven't visited Chapel Hill proper yet. We've mostly been spotted in local shops like Home Depot, Super Target (there's wine in there!), and Home Goods. Or we've been home scouring cragslist for used washer/dryers (we found maggots in the washer hose - oh my god!!) and bookshelves. This nesting thing takes work.

I've noticed a few things here. One, I like it. Two, people wear a lot of Crocs. Three, it's easier to drive - especially compared to Boston's ever-changing, circuitous roads. Here you take one or two clearly signed, straight roads to get places. Four, there are so many trees. More observations and pictures to follow.

It hasn't sunk in that this is our new home. It's definitely not sunk in that I'm currently unemployed. I'm just waking up and tackling a few things of the lists of things that need getting done, head down. Next week it will be strange when the house is mostly settled and Gabe is off at work. I'm thankful for some time though - I've got some wedding planning to do! I've also got to get my mental health license, and tackle postponed taxes.

Ok, it's time to stop blogging when you're going on about taxes. Could it get less interesting?

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