Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'd like to buy a vow please

I reminded Gabe today that we need to start thinking about vows. To my surprise he came over to me a half hour later and said he found the perfect poem to read during the ceremony. Wow, I thought, for half a second, before I saw that little mischievous glint in eye. Here's what he read me from somewhere on the internet, in a place not hidden and anonymous enough:


I'd like to make a YOU turn
Onto the highway that leads to
You being with me.
And once I get on that highway
I'll never look for an off ramp,
But I will slow down for the construction
Of a lasting relationship.
And I'll pay the tolls.
As long as those tolls aren't you telling me that
You don't love me the way I love you.
You, you, you, you,
I love you, and without you,
My soul would wilt like a flower in winter.
Water me.
Water me or I will die.

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