Thursday, July 16, 2009

it's not bigger than a breadbox

...or an Ookie.

This so far is my favorite box that I've packed. It's small! And you know what's in it? All the winter accessories we are packing! We whittled a giant box of scarves, hats, earmuffs, head warmers, mittens, etc. down to this! Granted, my winter boots that I wear all of February and March are in another box. I feel I won't need them but the Bostonian in me still can't quite believe I won't be trudging through ice/snow/mud.

Okay, back to packing.

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  1. Don't pare down too drastically. You'll still need winter stuff -- you won't have to bundle up anywhere near as warmly as you do in Boston, and for less of the year. It snows in NC, and there are ice storms.

    Here's mine for FL, and I still wear sweaters and jackets in the winter:



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