Thursday, June 11, 2009

swimming, part 2

I got into the pool again and at first it was just as bad as last time. I was stuck because I really didn't know if I was supposed to be breathing out of my nose or my mouth. So I asked the hot guy in a speedo next to me for a little lesson (the details of this are falsified in order to get Gabe to come swimming with me next time). He told me to breath out of my mouth and showed me the basic stroke and when to breathe and how to hold my head. I did MUCH better then. However, my better was still only able to make it all the way across the pool one time without stopping. I did figure out the problem, and I know there is a solution. When my head is underwater I am constantly exhaling through my nose because I am worried about inhaling water. By the time I inhale above water I am gasping and inevitably swallow water. So I half-breathe in, and then underwater I exhale everything, and come up gasping even more... vicious cylce. Maybe I just need to practice hanging out underwater and realize I can simply hold my breath and be okay. Dunno.

I am considering doing a 5k this summer. I heartily dislike running, but I feel like I need some fitness goal. So a 5k and 2 laps in the pool without stopping! Also, my wedding is unbelievably less than 5 months away and I want to be in awesome shape. Gabe has been hanging out in the 'serious' weight room on the 3rd floor (he says it's like being in a cartoon with anthromorphic oxen) and I've definitely seen a difference - he's getting built! Maybe he'll let me post a pic of his guns sometime, and we can compare.

So the next post is technically my 100th. I was off because I looked at my own page, which includes the drafts, I suppose. I'll try to think of something a little special.

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