Monday, June 8, 2009


1580, from M.Fr. desastre (1564), from It. disastro "ill-starred," from dis- "away, without" + astro "star, planet," from L. astrum, from Gk. astron. The sense is astrological, of a calamity blamed on an unfavorable position of a planet.

My flight last week was hit by lightning, if you recall. I was flying at the same time as the Air France flight that went down. This past week I've been hyperaware of disasters. All the news is daycare fires, motorcycle crashes, murders, endless. How easy it could happen! How miraculous the monotony of today. Gabe put on Titanic Saturday night and I could barely get through it. I was overcome by anxiety and sadness.

Tomorrow I'm going to the gym and will try to go most every day, since I think it will help me get back in my body. I've only been once in June! I have however, been napping and eating a lot of cheese and ice cream :) Speaking of which, I piled up all the pants that no longer fit me so I can give them away. I'm left with shockingly few, but it's nice to have simplified things.

Natalie gave me the idea to do a special 100th post but it looks like I've already done 100 -wow! Guess I'll start planning for 200.

Nothing too much else to report. Lots of things are in flux, so hopefully I'll have some news when things land according to the stars.


  1. This is your 97th post. So in three posts will be your 100th post.



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