Saturday, May 2, 2009

Boycott is over...

I told Gabe I wasn't going to write another post until someone commented on how cute the cats were on the previous post. After saying that I thought he would at least write something. Guess not. What does it take to please you people- how cute do they have to get?? I'm just joking - not the crazy cat lady yet.

Things have been busy with work and allergies. Yesterday my eye swelled up again, and I've lost track of how many times that has happened. It was pretty bad, plus my whole face was itchy and I think my throat was closing up. I realize I feel okay when I'm out of the house.... so I'm on the hunt for the source - I really don't think I can blame it all on the cats.

Last Wednesday we had our volunteer appreciation night at hospice. It was at a banquet hall with lots of people. I was asked to recite a poem and I swear I looked at 500 poems trying to find the right one. On Wednesday morning I was stressing out, and decided to just write my own. I wrote something during our weekly meeting and I'm not unhappy with how it came out for a quick poem. It was very well received too, judging from thank-yous and tears.

Here it is in case you want to read:


You listen.
You listen to stories
Slowly built by
hands of clocks.
You listen to sounds
At dawn, at daylight, at evening.
The noise, the echoes, the steps
and vast beauty of silence.
You listen to the lessons of silence.

You listen to memories
Unraveling into the moment
weaving together with others.
You listen to the loom as it makes its meaning.
You listen to mouths-
The gasps, grimaces, smiles
the singing.
You sing too.
You listen to eyes when mouths no longer work.

You listen to mothers and grandmothers.
You listen to fathers and grandfathers.
You listen to babies, and brothers and sisters.
You listen.

You listen to your heart,
calling you to bedsides.
We listen
To your sacred witnessing
with deepest gratitude.

Today I had the final class of the Reiki Level 1, for staff and volunteers. It was amazing. I had mentioned there were two older gentlemen, both veterans - self-described tough guys. They came in this morning and they both had notes written about their Reiki experiences throughout the week, all the materials highlighted and underlined, and a list of questions to ask me. What diligence! One of them is in poor health, and apparently gets regular stress tests. He said he went to one this past week, and asked if he could do Reiki on himself. They said yes, and his blood pressure dropped 20 points! A lot of other people told some great stories about using Reiki this past week, too. And I don't think I wrote about this earlier... After the first meditation and attunement last week I had people process their experience through art or writing. There was a lady who wrote a beautiful poem about her difficult childhood. She then talked about how hard it was, without happiness or trust, and she said 'you know, I'm 82, and this was the first time in my life I really could relax'. So it was a wonderful group, and there's definitely enough interest to offer it again soon.

I came home today and Gabe and I took a walk through the neighborhood in the beautiful sunshine - we've had some gorgeous days lately. I made a yummy dinner - fettucine and grilled shrimp. I made a sauce with homemade pesto, lemon juice, mustard and olive oil which is easy and super good. (The pesto part takes some work, but I made it awhile ago and froze it in ice cube trays, popped them out, and stored them in a freezer bag. I'm thinking of making some herb butter soon with the same trick.) I think I don't like shrimp. I keep trying them but something just weirds me out everytime. The shape, the texture, the suspiciously short cooking time, the vein of poop.... something.

In four weeks I will be in San Francisco visiting my little nephew for the first time, and visiting my sister for the first time since she's a mommy, and Dean the first time he's a daddy - SO EXCITED!

So next time you see cat pictures, you know what to do, right?...

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  1. Reiki is pretty awesome -- but it just goes to show that touch is healing in the first place. Add some caring and somebody who knows what they're doing, and it's damn near magical.

    I feel like I should throw in something about cuddle parties, but I can't come up with anything funny. Did you know they existed? Kids are weird.



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