Sunday, April 26, 2009

you've come a long way, baby

This used to be Niko:

He's now one day old and he's already done so much growing:

Well, technically he's probably been doing more un-squishing than growing. But he's like a little man! In every picture he looks so peaceful and sweet, but my mom said she has heard him use his lungs. I think he looks a lot like Kim. She says he also looks like Dean's grandfather, who he's named for (Niko's middle name is Kzen, which was his last name, I believe).

A beautiful pic of mom and baby:

He's got a little bit of dark wavy hair:

He looks super cozy - I just want to pick him up and squeeze him!! Dean and Kim, you made one beautiful baby!

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  1. Dean posted a flickr page of photos - email me if you don't have the link but want to check it out.



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