Sunday, April 5, 2009

three soups

Saturday was a day of major procrastination. And seeing how I'm starting out Sunday blogging, I'm not so sure this day will be different.

I made three different soups. The first was a creamy potato-rosemary soup. This was mostly based on a recipe. The second was an improvised sausage, tomato, white bean soup that came out very yummy. The third was my big experiment. I made Orange Soup. First I roasted a bunch of orange things: yam, carrot, onion, and butternut squash.

Then I put it in a pot with vegetable stock (Better than Bullion, highly recommend), and added cumin, cayenne, Indian spices I forget now, and lentils. I was going to add some pureed canteloupe but it was already sweet enough. My plan was to serve it with yogurt and raisins. But I got caught up in wedding planning, we had a minor fire in the basement, and I was up way past midnight, and somehow my wonderful soup spent the night on the stove. Boo :( Gabe thought it was probably okay to eat but I saved him from himself.

I also made a lemon-ginger tea bread that I would alter if I made again. More ginger, more lemon, less fluffiness.

Today I will not spend the day in the kitchen. I will do all my work. I will do all my work.

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