Sunday, February 1, 2009


I guess that was a short hiatus. I've gotten through it less by way of forgiveness, and more by a short attention span recently. Also a good dose of perspective.

Right now Gabe and I are playing Scrabble, and he's taking a long time on this turn so thought I'd blog. I kick ass in Scrabble. It's one of those rare things that I feel supremely confident about. We're watching The Office and eating chocolate chip cookies that he made all by himself - this is the first time he remembers making cookies so it was very special. (I told him last week that one of my fantasies is that I come home and he's baked cookies for me.) He also made super awesome sangria. We realized tonight we haven't left the house since Friday night - we've just been eating, drinking and wedding planning. I think we have a clearer idea of our vision.... it's just that the choices are so overwhelming. I think we're leaning towards September or October this year. Gabe was all about May or June "I can't wait til you're my wife!" but since many have to travel this feels a bit soon. I guess it is very soon, though it's difficult to imagine it being warm out.

I think I need to add a visitor counter or something to this blog, because it feels a bit like I'm talking in a vacuum. Oh my goodness. The weather just came on the news - it was in the 40s today! Shoot - should have gotten outside. Ok, I just won the game: 373 to 272.

My sister is having her baby boy in a little over two months now. She tells me she'll send a belly pic soon, so I'll post it with her permission. Gabe and I are doing some family planning of our own, but more on that when the time comes... I had a weird experience with a patient the other day. She has very advanced dementia, and doesn't speak coherently at all. I was sitting with her and holding her hand as we listened to someone play piano. I was spacing out and imagining Kim and how big her belly was, and then I tried imagining what that must feel like to have a baby squirming around inside you. Right then my patient squeezed my hand and said very clearly: "How is your baby?" Chills.

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