Tuesday, February 3, 2009

pirate wedding theme

No, I'm not that tacky...but we may inadvertently have a pirate wedding. I have woken up with a very swollen left eye about five times in the past couple months. It was easy enough to brush off the first few times but this can't go on. It usually lasts two or three days and I obviously can't meet patients looking like a freak show. I tried going to the doctor once but by the time my appt. came around it looked fine. Part of my denial about this is because I am apparently very allergic to everything, including cats. Daphne sleep right next to my face, and Ookie at my legs. I don't think this set up is going to change, because they wouldn't approve and I'd miss them.

Why the left eye? My only guess is that I most likely sleep on my left side. I use allergen-free laundry stuff. The other piece of the puzzle is that my only time to the ER was two years ago when my left eye suddenly swelled up horrifically - the white part of the eye ballooned up. Scared the crap out of me.

So I'm a bit mystified and if anyone has any ideas please let me know. I did allergy testing a while back and am allergic to everything they tested for, so I guess it might be time to do the medication route, though I'd prefer not to.

So anyway, I had to call out of work on a planned busy day, and spent my time curled up in the electric blanket looking at wedding stuff online. I did get some level of motivation later and cleaned the house.

Oh, I forgot to explain the heading. So I woke up this morning with my eye all weird and I said to Gabe what happens if I wake up on my wedding day and my eye is swollen shut. We said I could wear an eye patch and berate the guests for not following the pirate theme!

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